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Step up and step into real programming and progressions designed to give you Rock Solid RESULTS! We don’t fall short on form, postural and function training here in our group classes. The programs are set up monthly to support you in getting stronger (through progressive overload) while keeping things interesting and varied. You'll leave feeling accomplished and never bored. Designed for all levels, you will jump right in for a mix of strength and muscle building classes, conditionining for increasing endurance, cardio kickboxing and yoga. Put in the time for yourself and you'll love the way you look and feel in our group program.


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personal training

We’re the best in the Bucktown West district! Highly skilled professionals, experts, and specialists are teamed up to give you an individualized training experience that will change your life and how you move through it. Our Professionals have the fundamentals of physical exercise mastered and their craft has been updated and polished consistently to bring your understanding of fitness up to par with greatness. Experts have the ability to combine multiple disciplines, such as functional training, yoga, cardio conditioning and coaching, etc, to round out your training into a multi-faceted plan to take care of many pillars of success in your health and fitness. Our trainers can help improve general health into a level of stability, strength, and power that will bring out your inner athlete and build a more confident and youthful physical life that you will enjoy living.


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health coaching

You can’t out-train a bad diet. Sorry. You will need fuel for your fire. We need to make sure you don’t get burned. That starts with education on a comprehensive nutrition program through calorie and macronutrient breakdown for you to follow, setting up apps and other methods to help you track and understand your efforts, and coaching only to your capacity while helping you progress by eliminating any roadblocks along the way.

 We meet you where you are. We know the importance of starting people slow into this lifestyle transition, you will learn how to take the steps. We add on after you continue to master the habits week after week.


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stretch therapy

With the stress of your increased movement comes the need for increased recovery. We believe your mobility should parallel your movements.

To build and maintain this principle, we recommend our hands-on, partner-assisted methods of Bodywork. The benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy and Sports Massage are increased joint range of motion, improved alignment of your spine, increased muscle elasticity and resilience, and better overall performance preparation.

With Corrective Massage Therapy, we take the clinical massage route to ensure you have a comprehensive approach to muscle healing. This involves increasing blood flow circulation and lymphatic drainage to clear waste from the body, then reducing soreness and tightness from your muscles so you can get back to your workout routine sooner and with less stress. Why go anywhere else for these services when the people designing your workouts also design your recovery?


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Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!

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