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Your body is your temple. The journey you take to live your best life is one of the best things you can do for yourself. At Rock Solid we know it takes something to prioritize your workouts, and we want to celebrate your successes. Check out the stories below. These people are just like you and you can have a story to share too.

Abenicio Casias

  Before coming to Rock Solid, I really disliked going to the gym and I often ignored my physical well being. I knew I needed to start taking my health more seriously if I want to live a long healthy life but I didn't know where to start.

I needed a friendly, low pressure, welcoming environment, which after bouncing around a few different gyms in the area  I eventually found in Rock Solid. When I first joined I was looking for a way to take more agency over my health and invest in my well being over the long term without really knowing how far I wanted to go with it. Although I try not to tie too much meaning to the number on the scale, there is something very affirming about reaching a long term weight goal.

So far I have lost almost 25 lbs and am able to do a pull up where I couldn't before! I think the hardest part was finding a way to integrate a workout routine into my existing schedule. I think changing my mindset around working out as well as the guidance provided from all the wonderful coaches at Rock Solid were the most helpful in turning this into a permanent change to my life. I am immensely grateful for everyone on the team here and I hope to take it as far as I can!

Lea Young

My fitness journey actually started 20-ish years ago. While I participated in sports in highschool, I really only started to incorporate exercise into my life when I was in my early 20's. There were periods where I was super consistent, but there were definitely a lot of stops and starts. I think my only goal ever was to lose weight or not gain was always just about the numbers on the scale. 
I was introduced to Rock Solid Health in 2015 and really enjoyed the classes and the evolution of the program. By July 2017, I was entering another "period of consistency" and was 13 pounds away from what was then my goal weight. Two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant. I exercised pretty consistently throughout my pregnancy, up until 36 weeks, which felt great! Unfortunately, after a few attempts to get back to a schedule remotely resembling the one I had before becoming a mom, by the end of 2019, I had not only slowly stepped away from fitness classes but I also stopped paying close attention to my diet. 
Then COVID hit.
In April 2020, I found myself working from home and feeling more sedentary than ever...and that's when I noticed Rock Solid was offering virtual classes. The virtual classes at noon were perfect, as it was easy to block my work calendar over the lunch hour. I thought I'd give it a try for a month, just to get myself moving and feeling a little better. I spent those next 5 months getting reacclimated to exercise, but I noticed that the scale didn't budge. The numbers weren't going up, but they definitely weren't going down.  Enter the 10-week Rock Solid Challenge! Throughout the challenge, I had some good success, losing almost 9 pounds and attending virtual classes (or recorded classes) 4 times a week. After the challenge was over, I was able to lose a few more pounds, but then came the holidays. By the end of January, I noticed the scale had once again stopped moving. After an accountability session with Blair, I realized that while I was being mindful about eating during the week, I was way less mindful throughout the weekends...two steps forward and three steps back. Since our accountability sessions started about 6 weeks ago, through consistent workouts (5x a week) and mindful eating every day (not just weekdays), I've lost a total 25 pounds since September (and counting!). The opportunity to train virtually through Rock Solid has been truly life changing. The access to coaches for accountability has helped to stay focused on my goals, which are no longer just weight loss. While that's still a part of it, I also want to be strong and mobile, not just for me, but for my daughter. Having a 3-year-old at 46, I want to be around for a very, very long time. Thanks to the program at Rock Solid and the habits I've been able to solidify, I feel I'm equipped to do just that. Health and fitness is no longer for a point in's a lifestyle.
For new members of Rock Solid, I would encourage you to take advantage of the whole program - strength classes, yoga classes and accountability. Do the work. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Marissa caranna

Believe it or not, but my fitness journey began back in the summer of 2020 with a bottle of cheap red wine and a rewatch of the classic 2003 cinematic masterpiece “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.” As I witnessed Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, and Cameron Diaz somersaulting effortlessly over a 10’ tall ring of literal fire I thought to myself, “Honestly, I too would really like to vault over very tall fire by the time I turn 30, just because. What if I just like....ridiculously buff and fit? Wouldn’t that be wild?!” And thus, a novice athlete was born.

I’d never been a “fitness person” before; exercise seemed boring and running left me red and sweaty. Gym class was hard and sports were even harder. You’d sooner find me in orchestra class than on a practice field, and I’d carried those habits into adulthood. I’d never admit it at the time, but back then I was constantly tired, sluggish, and inflexible—two flights of stairs would feel like a marathon. Fitness seemed “scary” and I knew I couldn’t hold myself accountable to do it alone, so started googling gyms (I was very determined to become the fourth Angel).

I was terrified and had no idea what to expect during my very first class. Imagine my surprise when Blair and the rest of the gym goers immediately welcomed me cheerily, as if I were a familiar face who had worked out with them for months. I miserably huffed and puffed my way through my first class, and on my way home, I realized something weird—I actually felt....GOOD! My heart was pumping! My brain and my senses were alive, even after 9 hours hunched over my desk! My body felt limber and electric! It was the best I’d felt in years, and immediately signed up for the next class. I haven’t looked back.

I could tell you about the weight I’ve lost, the many sizes I’ve dropped. I could tell you about the way I’m not afraid to have my picture taken anymore. Those are all amazing, yes. Instead, I want to tell you about how I feel. Each day, I show up to the gym and humble myself; I surrender my body to the workout and to my willpower. I’ve learned discipline by making peace and space for the temporary physical discomfort of challenge, because it means that change and growth are happening. I’ve learned balance by listening to my body—honoring when it’s telling me I can push, and when it says I need to take a break. I recognized the swell of pride with each new personal record; every added rep or weight brings the satisfaction of accomplishment. I’ve experienced community from the incredible coaches and clients who share everything from life tips, to funny childhood stories, to the best affordable squat-proof leggings. When I pulled my chin above the pull-up bar for the first time in my life, I honestly could have cried!

In the beginning, I came to Rock Solid Health seeking superficial change. What I found along the way was this: the most shocking change of all happened inside of my spirit. After years of doctor’s notes, skipped practices, and excuses (so, so many excuses), Rock Solid has helped me finally find the true joy in exercise—that moving my body is infinitely more than something you just do to change the way you look. It changes your heart, too.

Full disclosure: I’m still waiting on my recruiting call from Charlie, but sometimes when I need an extra push I’ll visualize that ring of fire in front of me. Thanks to the Rock Solid community, I know I could gracefully clear it with the best of them.

meghan lynch

I am a creature of habit and routine and when I started working from home full-time last year, I rather quickly lost my work-out routine.  Needing a new fitness family, closer to home, I rather fortuitously stumbled upon Rock Solid's Instagram. 
Knowing that I needed a flexible and consistent schedule for (small) group training, I was drawn to Rock Solid and was impressed with the six-week program that quickly got me back into the routine I had lost.
I started small by consistently joining three group classes a week, then added a fourth and now regularly attend five group classes a week.  I love the diversity of programming and the progression in strength I've been able to build.  Not only are the trainers knowledgeable and patient, I am always motivated to keep progressing.  The overall environment, trainers and other members are welcoming and not at all intimidating for all fitness levels. 
My goals when joining Rock Solid where to bring consistently back with my training, lose weight and build muscle.  I have been able to achieve all these goals and most importantly, have fun doing it.  I personally don't want my training to feel like a chore, I genuinely look forward to attending classes at Rock Solid, it's a highlight of my day both physically and mentally.
My advice to anyone looking to join this amazing community and fit family - start small and build the habit, recognize the importance of self-care.  I plan out my fitness schedule at least a week in advance by signing up for classes to hold myself accountable but also block my calendar so I know I'll show up.  As a wise marketing slogan once said, Just Do It!  (I can attest that you won't regret it!)

Ashley lambirth

"Before I started at Rock solid I hadn’t worked out in a year and my diet wasn’t as healthy as I would’ve wanted it to be."
Honestly there isn't anything that I would want to change about the gym. It fits in perfectly with my schedule because there are many class options; mornings afternoon, evening and even virtual classes. I like how the classes are versatile: strength training, yoga and kickboxing so you don’t get bored.
I feel like I’ve achieved so much with Rock Sold Health. I’m lifting heavier. I feel much stronger & confident about my body, and I look way more fit. I can actually see abs starting to form!

Kelsey Copenhaver

My fitness journey started after I graduated college when I found a love for strength training. I worked out consistently for 3 years with a personal trainer, pushing myself to build strength and lose weight; however, I was on such a restrictive diet and intense workout program, it was ultimately not maintainable. I lost track of my goals and started back into an unhealthy lifestyle, putting me back to square one. At this point I was living in Ohio and decided to move to Chicago. With the change in scenery it was also time to make a lifestyle change. I knew I had to get back in the swing of things and was looking for strength focused class and stumbled upon Rock Solid. It looked like everything I was looking for; small class size, strength-based, and classes 3x a week with additional classes for yoga, boxing, conditioning, etc.
My first class was in September 2019, and I remember feeling very nervous before I went. I hadn’t worked out in so long. I was not confident in my abilities and didn’t know what fitness level everyone would be. I was scared I was going to feel behind or intimated by the other class members. However, that quickly changed when I got to the class. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly! They made me feel like I have been going there for years. And now I have been going to Rock Solid for almost 2 years. Blair and the Rock Solid team have taught me so much during that time. I have learned so much about mobility, consistency, and pushing myself father than I thought possible. Humble brag on doing my first unassisted pull up; something I never would have thought I would be able to do!  Since I started, I have lost 25lbs. However, this time around my fitness journey it isn’t only about the weight loss. It is what I have gained from the process; from the confidence I have built to the fit family I am a now part of and the knowledge I have gained to continue a healthy lifestyle. For anyone thinking about joining, I can attest this is one of the best decisions I have made!

Christine palkovic

When I first joined RSH I was kind of at a standstill with my health and fitness journey. I was a member of a larger gym but the classes they offered didn’t really inspire me to keep working out consistently and I was a bit overwhelmed by all the equipment and knew that I really wasn’t pushing or challenging myself when I did work out. Luckily, I met Blair through a networking group and decided to give small group training a shot. I immediately felt at home at RSH, the community was and is still great, I felt more confident in trying new things because I knew the trainers were watching out for us so we didn’t injure ourselves, I’ve learned so many foundational exercises and movements that have helped move my health and fitness progress forward. I would often struggle with recovering after a workout or would take a long pause due to pulling or aggravating a muscle. Being a member at RSH has helped me learn effective recovery methods and to listen to my body when executing and exercise or movement to avoid injury and pain. I have mild scoliosis which has sometimes inhibited my ability to perform certain movements. The RSH trainers are always ready to help with modifications to the training program so I can still get my workout in and ensure an injury free experience.
I have also been able to help and encourage my friends and family to be more conscious of their health and well being and steps to take to ensure they are moving properly so as not to cause injury or exacerbate pain. Thanks to the RSH trainers, I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of. I have never felt stronger in my life and I love it! 
I would say to anyone considering Rock Solid is to come check it out. You’ll find a community of people from different fitness journeys that encourage and inspire each other and trainers that really care about you beyond what you are doing in the gym. If you have a fitness goal, Rock Solid can help. If you are ready for a lifestyle change, Rock Solid can help you create something sustainable that works for you and provide support along the way.

Kaci Doman

Before I started at Rock Solid, I had the most inconsistent fitness routine. When I was a teenager, I lost about 20 pounds by working out regularly and eating well. As I got older and into college, somehow I put on a couple pounds.... Before I knew it, I hadn't weighed myself in years, and when I finally did, I was over 50 pounds heavier than what had previously been my heaviest weight. I knew that weight wasn't everything, but I felt myself getting exhausted by simply climbing a flight of stairs. Something absolutely had to change.
During college and after graduation, I went to some gyms here and there, thinking 60 minutes on the elliptical a few times a week would change my life! Eventually I spent weeks researching gyms in the area, but I was so afraid to make that jump. I started going to a local gym where I pretended like I knew what I was doing with machines, light weights, and painful body work. I was intimidated, bored, and overwhelmed all at the same time. 
Quickly after starting, I gave up again, but I felt determined to find something that worked for me. After more research, more Google searches, more consultations, I found Rock Solid. Blair saw something in me and didn't let me miss her phone calls. She convinced me to come in for a personal training session, knowing that I was so inexperienced and felt a lot of pain when I worked out. That one session truly did change my life. I knew that I finally found a place with people who knew how to help and loved doing it! 
After a few months of personal training, I moved into group classes with confidence! Then the lockdown struck, and I was worried that I'd find myself giving up again - but once again, Blair gave me that extra push I needed and made sure I stayed working out during the virtual classes. Throughout the year, I kept up with weekly virtual workouts, and finally made it back into the gym once restrictions were lifted. 
I never thought I'd be a "fitness person," but the community at RSH has made me absolutely love going to the gym and getting my workout on! I have been able to become more active in my daily life outside of the gym as well, pushing myself to get outside and get moving. I don't have the desire to binge eat or hyper-restrict my diet. I found a community that lifts each other up and encourages each other to be the best versions of themselves through fitness, health, and wellness!
Being part of Rock Solid has made me into a better person overall. I have more dedication and more confidence. I feel stronger, inside and out. I feel proud of myself after completing a workout, knowing that I'm doing what is best for ME - and that is the most amazing feeling.

Chelsea lange

Being an athlete has been a major part of my self identity for as long as I can remember. Whether it was competitive athletics in high school, to recreational work out regimens in college, I was an active person at a young age.
It wasn't until I moved to Chicago, where the professional grind of finding my career put my fitness on the back burner, made me realize how intertwined being active had such a strong correlation with my personal happiness.
In late 2015 I made it my mission to invest in myself, both my body and my overall mental health, to find a gym that fit me. Teamed up with a couple of friends at work, we dove into Class Pass, bouncing around from gym to gym. It was exciting at first, but I realized a sense of consistency would be nice, and when I came to Rock Solid for the first time, I knew this was the type of consistency I was looking for. Blair pushed me to be better, to challenge myself, and I quickly found a love for the community at Rock Solid Health. I've built genuine friendships over the years and even found myself house hunting near the gym in order to be close to my second home.
Joining Rock Solid Health is one of the best decisions I've made, I love my fit fam. 

Samantha kramer

I started at Rock Solid Health in February of 2019. My work life was busy, and my personal life was challenging. I grew up in athletics and spent time in and out of gyms and yoga studios most of my adult life, but I was missing consistency. Rock Solid appeared on my radar, as I live in the neighborhood, and I finally decided to check it out.
After a baseline assessment and discussion of health goals, I signed up for 3 months of personal training. During this time I made huge shifts in my health and lifestyle. Not only did I begin to get physically stronger, but the consistency and the support of my newly gained gym community helped me to better my mental health. My mindset changed from "I really don't want to go to the gym," to "I'll feel better if I go," to "I want to go."
After getting my body back in shape, I joined as a group class member and have been going to 2-5 classes a week ever since. From strength training and building muscle, to cardio park nights and early morning yoga stretches, Rock Solid has had options for every one of my physical goals. But what has stood out the most to me about this gym is the community members support of one another. The members are inclusive, inviting, and willing to support each other in their physical and personal goals. There is a holistic approach to this gym that makes it, it's staff, and it's members feel like their whole health is a priority. 

cloe fan

My main source of exercise is Muay Thai. Through Muay Thai, I discovered a love for fitness but not necessarily health. While training, I would have good and bad days. I more often than not felt too tired and sore to train at 100% or would lose steam quickly during training sessions. 
When I joined Rock Solid, I was looking to supplement my Muay Thai with some strength building but soon found a whole new approach to achieving my fitness goals.  After a month-long check-in challenge and some 1:1 sessions with Blair, I discovered I was not balancing my workouts with proper diet or recovery. 
Any trainer can push you to lift heavier, run longer or do more push-ups but the reason I have stayed at Rock Solid is because they take a holistic approach and have fostered a sense of community that allows me to focus on balance in my overall health.
A year later, I have noticed improvements in my physical strength and have learned how to healthily meet my body composition goals, all while developing a new outlook on what fitness and health are to me. It is no longer about the number on the scale and how it correlates to what I see in the mirror (though muscle definition has helped a lot!) but how I feel. 

heather zomayah

I played sports throughout high school and worked out intermittently after, but never consistently. Being a part of the Rock Solid family offered accountability which helped me with the consistency needed to build strength and muscle. I am more flexible, agile, and strong because of Rock Solid and can’t imagine where I would be without this community!

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