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Rock Solid Health opened in 2013 by Blair Rockoff. After working at different gyms + yoga studios throughout the city she wanted to create a place different than the traditional setting. After 5 years in business, Rock Solid caters best to both personal training and small group training. We have built a community of people all invested in their fitness and those around them. Unlike big gyms + big classes, our gym is quite the opposite.

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Blair Rockoff

Founder | Coach

Blair Rockoff opened the doors to Rock Solid Health in January 2013. After several years as a personal trainer and yoga instructor in Chicago and California, she ventured out on her own to create the ultimate experience & environment for her clientele to improve their health, get in shape, and have fun.

Blair started out in the health and fitness world after graduating college in 2007. She stumbled into NPTI, a 6-month personal training school because she wanted to get back in shape after college and did not want a desk job. This was the beginning of her journey. She then went out to become a certified yoga instructor, holistic health coach, SFG Level 1, FMS, NASM Youth Exercise Specialist, and a Progressive Calisthenics Instructor (to name just a few).

To put it simply, the health and fitness world fascinates Blair. One of the reasons it is so intriguing is her own personal struggles throughout her own life. After gaining weight in college, her attempts to lose weight had been influenced by the ‘do more, eat less, carbs are bad, low fat is good, sugar-free, cardio is awesome, and lots of it” trend.

After many years of yo-yo dieting and dabbling in all the latest fitness trends, she has finally come to the conclusion, “More is not better, better is better. Eat right most of the time. Indulge in moderation. Strive for balance. Practice self – acceptance. Judge less. Everybody is different and unique. Be kind & compassionate.” This is what she wants to pass on to her clients and help them to find in their own life.

rich fray

Personal Trainer

Education and Certifications:  Purdue University,  NPTI, FMS, TRX, Power Plate, TPI (golf)

Specialties: Weight Loss, Golf Specific Training, TRX, Program Design, Sports Specific Training

Rich has 15 years of experience as a personal trainer from training athletes to stay at home moms of all fitness levels.   He works one on one to individualize and specializes in tailoring fitness programs to fit your personal training goals, including weight loss or endurance training.   Small group training sessions can be focused on your specific needs and limitations while accomplishing your unique objectives in a group setting.  As an avid golfer, he provides specific training to enhance performance in golf or other sports related areas. 


Bailey Hamilton

Personal Trainer

Bailey Hamilton is a NASM Certified Personal trainer with a passion for helping clients meet their health and fitness goals while discovering their own inner strength and enjoying the heck out of their training sessions. She’s been involved in many different kinds of training since her teen years, participating in marathon running programs, practicing yoga of all sorts, and dabbling a bit with strength training and high-intensity workouts at home. Eventually, this led to weight training at the gym, and after stepping under the barbell for the first time, she was hooked! Learning first-hand just how physically and mentally transformative this type of exercise could be, Bailey decided to become a trainer herself to support others in improving their physical strength and increasing their confidence both in and out of the gym.

dana fuller

Personal Trainer

Dana is an ACE-certified trainer and functional-fitness instructor with six years of experience working with individuals and groups of all backgrounds, ages and aims. Having been both a competitive athlete and an unhealthy office worker, as well as the primary caregiver to his young son, Dana can relate to the challenges of balancing health and ambition, obligations and aspirations, youthful vitality and aging joints. He has worked with college ball players, kindergarten teachers, executives, expectant mothers and retired entrepreneurs to develop programs and habits that are built for sustainability, individuality, portability, growth and—most importantly fun!

Alia Khan

Personal Trainer

The concept of movement has played an essential part in Alia’s life. Collegiate dancer turned weightlifter. Both experiences were rewarding and contributed to her growth inside and out of the gym. Her goal as a personal trainer/Coach is to encourage individuals to keep their options open, venture into new fitness domains and find their calling.   She loves exploring new fitness endeavors of her own, whether that be with golfing, team sports or agility work. Anything that gets her endorphins raging! She believes in having a good balance when it comes to fitness. Be proud of the hard work you’re putting into the gym and be kind to your mind, soul and body. The opportunity to move and build a foundation for your health is a privilege.

Briana Gutierrez

Personal Trainer


Briana Gutierrez is a NASM certified personal trainer who works to help others find a love for movement. Being active has always been a big part of her life. Participating in athletics from a young age, her love of fitness grew with her into adulthood where she played volleyball for her college and began coaching youth within her community. She has worked through multiple different practices of fitness ranging from strength training, to running, yoga  and various sports. Her focus shifted at the start of the pandemic to finding ways to make fitness more accessible to everyone and fell in love. She believes wholeheartedly that fitness is as varied as every client that walks in the door and finding avenues to help each individual find success is her main goal.



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