Supporting Your Mental Health - The Benefits of Exercise

Oct 24, 2022

 by Briana Gutierrez

Supporting Your Mental Health - The Benefits of Exercise

It’s no secret that working out regularly is great for your body. You move throughout the world with more ease, feeling stronger and often feeling more energized. These effects obviously feel great, but do you ever stop to think about how they, along with all of the other benefits of exercising, positively affect your mental health?

  • Improved Sleep - Training your body into a regular routine of exercise and movement can drastically improve your sleep patterns and your quality of sleep. Exercising is an amazing way to release that excess energy that keeps us up at night and with a better quality of rest, you can take on the next day feeling energized and balanced.
  • Reducing Stress and Depression - Engaging in physical activity improves brain function and can help ease some symptoms of stress and depression. Exercise also signals your body to release feel-good endorphins which can improve your sense of well-being. Movement is also a way to physically distract your body from the mental stressors you might be carrying and redirect your energy into your workout!
  • Self-Confidence - Exercise can boost you up in so many ways! A regular schedule with incorporated movement can help you feel more connected with your body and more mindful of its feelings and needs. Working towards and meeting your exercise goals will also foster a sense of achievement. This can improve your self confidence all around! 

There are so many reasons to regularly move your body; these just scratch the surface! Get out there and experiment and explore what works for you and your body so you can feel these benefits too!