Self Advocacy in Fitness

Dec 9, 2021

 by Briana Gutierrez

Working towards your fitness goals can be challenging. There is so much to learn and implementing your newfound knowledge is a whole other story. One fantastic way to support yourself through your journey is to partner with a studio (you already have, yay!) to grow and learn alongside your peers and trusted fitness trainers.

One of the first things you should start practicing is being aware of your senses and becoming well attuned with your body. Nobody but you can feel what you are feeling. This fact is absolutely a tool that can be used to progress and to nurture a healthy relationship with your body. Whether you are running on little to no sleep, recovering from an injury, or you're just simply in a place where your body isn't performing at 100%, using your voice to advocate for yourself will help you get the most out of every class and session.

A group class setting can be more fast paced than when an individual is working out alone. Don't let that pressure to keep up stop you from checking in with yourself. Respect your own limitations and on the flipside, learn to recognize when you can up the ante. Learning when to push and when to ease off is an invaluable skill that can absolutely make the difference in when and how you meet your goals. 

Remember that working with your trainers is a team effort. It's your responsibility to be open and honest with your instructors and in return, they will provide exercise modifications based on your needs and the information you need to help you succeed. 

Self advocating will not only help you grow as an athlete, it will extend the longevity of your workouts, keeping you safe, happy, and healthy.