Isometric Exercises

Aug 25, 2022

 by Briana Gutierrez

Isometric holds : We love to hate them! Isometric exercises are defined as exercises that involve the contraction of muscles without any movement in the surrounding joints such as Wall Sits, Hollow Holds and Planks! Oftentimes these exercises are viewed as punishments (think back to childhood athletics), but did you know isometric holds can yield some very real benefits?


  • Can Improve Joint Stability - Isometric Exercises are a great way to build muscle endurance, which in turn will help keep your joints better stabilized.
  • Aides Pain Relief - Isometric Exercises have been shown to help decrease pain in the lower back, knees and neck.  The localized contraction of muscles without the movement of the surrounding joint strengthens and helps to stabilize the areas surrounding common pain points.
  • Supports Lower Blood Pressure - Research has shown that isometric exercises actually decreases your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as, your mean arterial pressure. Adding Isometric Exercises into your weekly routine can help manage a healthy heart!


These exercises are understandably, not fan favorites but should everyone give them a try? Absolutely! They can be performed almost anywhere and can benefit people of all fitness levels, making them extremely accessible. Who knows, you might learn to love them!