Importance of Body Awareness

Jun 15, 2023

 by Cassandra Burres

Have you considered that you’re using your arm incorrectly? Of course not. Who am I to tell you how to use this body part you’ve been with for 20+ years, had drinks with, shared high fives, and probably know, quite literally like the back of your hand? However, do you know the difference between tightening the flexor carpi radius and the brachialis? Didn’t think so. These muscles are right next to each other in the arm; however, the flexor carpi can be strengthened with simple wrist inflictions while the brachialis, is strengthened with what is commonly known as the bicep curl.

Where am I going with this?

Imagine you’re doing a bicep curl, but with bent wrists. During this action, you are strengthening the brachii per usual. However, the flexor carpi is strained. Depending on the extremity or vigor of the exercise, you could be on the way to carpel tunnel or even worse, a wrist sprain. This pain can even travel up the elbow. Luckily, by simply, but consciously keeping a firm and straight wrist, saves you from months worth of pain. 

This goes beyond the gym, how you type, text, pick up cups, hold papers (etc.); this goes beyond the arms how you sit, stand, look around (etc.). These can all have subtle, but volatile effects on the body. Now wait, it is unnecessary to panic. Don’t go sit in a dark corner to avoid touching anything or you touching it, the solution is simple. Be aware.

How do you increase body awareness?

  1. Work on balance and stability, the more control you have over your body the better it listens to instruction.
  2. Move with intent. When doing a bicep curl, make sure you are indeed using the bicep. As you learn, and proceed to move with correct form, muscle memory will kick in and those wrists will be locked without having to think about it.
  3. Listen to your body. If its screaming “I’m tired”,  give it a break.
  4. If you feel aches or pains, quickly mend them. Stretch, adjust, or seek help if you don’t have the knowledge yourself.

Where do I leave you?

Don't have sassy wrists.