How being flexible can benefit your health

Jul 20, 2021

 by Blair Rockoff

It's nice to have a schedule and a routine, but we all know that life doesn't always adhere to a strict itinerary. That's where being flexible and having a back-up plan for your weekly happenings can help ensure you still get that workout in, eat those nourishing meals and take care of yourself. Here are some examples and ways you can still make that healthy lifestyle a reality!

Scenario 1...It's Monday and you're all signed up for your noon workout, but your boss calls a mandatory meeting that you can't get out of. Instead of scrapping your entire plan, head to the gym after work - even if you only do half the workout you'd intended that's better than nothing at all. And you might just feel up to the entire workout once you're there.

Scenario 2...You've packed yourself a healthy veggie and protein-filled lunch, but your coworkers want to take you out for pizza. Guess can enjoy the company of your coworkers AND still have a healthy meal! You know you'll feel best for the second half of your day if you don't overindulge in pizza, so use those planning skills to look ahead at the menu and decide on the salad you'll have with your slice of thin crust pizza. Save that lunch you packed for the next day.

Scenario 3...Your workouts have been going great but you suddenly have a nagging pain in your right knee. The next time you hit the gym you realize those squats you'd planned are not going to feel so great. Instead of going home or skipping your legs altogether, you try out the leg extension machine and your knee feels great. You'll give your knee a little time to recover and try your squats again next week. You're in this for the long haul anyway!