Healthy Eating at the Backyard BBQ

Aug 12, 2021

 by Blair Rockoff

It's the season for outdoor parties and with that comes lots of delicious treats. You should definitely enjoy this much-awaited time with friends and family.

Here are some more nutritious options you can include to help support your healthy lifestyle: Get grilling!

Naturally this will probably be a part of your next outdoor party, and while we all love brats and hotdogs, why not try some seasoned grilled chicken, salmon or shrimp!? These foods will give you a bit more protein and help keep you full and satisfied during the party.

Eat some veggies! Be the person who brings a veggie tray and hummus to the party. There might be some other people who appreciate it, and worst case you'll have it all to yourself! Veggies will give you a nutritious boost and help keep you full so you won't find yourself reaching for the chip bowl.

Drink water...especially if you're drinking alcohol. Bring some sparkling water along to give yourself something a bit more "fun" to have in between beverages. Keeping hydrated will help you make more nutritious food choices and ensure you're feeling good for that morning workout the next day.