Getting organized to reach your goals

Mar 6, 2021

 by Blair Rockoff

When it comes to reaching your goals, the hard truth is that only writing them down is not often enough to help you succeed. You need to set yourself up with an action plan and take the necessary steps to carry out that plan. That's where a little bit of organization can come in handy! Now, if you don't consider yourself an organized person, not to worry! We have a few simple tips here to help you out:

Our first tip is to always schedule your workouts in advance. Put them in your personal calendar and register for your sessions or classes at the start of each week. This will clear the way for any other conflicts that might arise. After that it's up to you to keep your promise to yourself and to show up for that session! Life will always present you will plenty of opportunities to skip or cancel, but remind yourself of your committment and treat this as you would any other important appointment. You wouldn't cancel on a friend last-minute so don't cancel on yourself!

Our next tip is to set your workout clothes out the night before your workout. This simple step you can take will help make it that much easier to get up and go. Take it one step further by filling your water bottle and having it ready on the counter. You can be out the door in a matter of minutes!

Our final tip is to choose two days each week to do some easy meal prepping. Just focus on cooking a few things on those two days - have a protein, vegetable and some kind of carbohydrate prepped and ready to eat for some quick and easy options during your busy workday. If you're working from home (like so many these days), you can also prep some nutritious snacks for your workday at home. The convenience factor will pay off bigtime when it comes to fueling your body for the week.