Fitness Discipline

Apr 27, 2023

 by Cassandra Burres

It is common to often find yourself questioning why you are doing anything that may not be completely enjoyable, or difficult, or even painful at times though, it poses to be a necessity. For example, work we go to for money, school for knowledge, grocery store for food. However alternatively, work can be for enjoyment, school for self-development and grocery store to just get out of the house. Taking into consideration that a goal for any action can be based upon your personal desires, how do YOU answer “Why am I doing this” regarding fitness.

However, this isn’t your problem is it. Nope. I know you. You procrastinate, you make excuses, you eat the last five cookies in the box even though you know darn well it will affect you later. Therefore, you have no or minimal discipline. Here are a few ways to gain or improve your self-discipline:


Set Goals

Reverting to the question, “Why am I doing this?” Have at least two answers. One that is short-term and one that is long term. Write the steps necessary to achieve, and once a goal is achieved replace it.


Ex. SHORT TERM: ABS                                                    LONG TERM:  -10% BODY FAT

  1. Cut out candy bars                                                  1. Eat well for 3 months straight (1 cheat a week)
  2. Ab 3x a week                                                           2. Exercise 4x a week (make up for a missed day)
  3. Cardio 3x a week                                                     3. Incorporate protein



Schedule every step to diminish the “find time” excuse, even plan for inconveniences.


Sunday- Meal prep


Monday/Wednesday/ Friday- Abs

Week of Monday, May 13th Meeting, - Exercise Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday


Gradual progression/degression

Refrain from jumping into a plan “cold turkey” for a permanent lifestyle change. The cold turkey method has shown to only work for 5% of people who attempt it. Instead try gradual progression and degression. Most importantly, tailor to how your body and mind react. Progression can be used to add healthy habits,

Ex. Goal: Jog 1-mile 3x a week

1st week: Monday

2nd week: Monday/Friday

 3rd week: Monday/Friday (not yet ready for day 3)

4th week: Monday/Wednesday/ Friday


For degression, use this against vices and bad habits you would like to kick,

Ex. Eat less candy.

1st week: 3 candy bars a day

2nd week: 1 candy bar a day

3rd week: 4 candy bars a week




12th week: 2 candy bars a month


Write down everything.

Write out the schedule, the meal preps, the goals, degressions, and progressions. However, whatever you choose to write down make sure it is what YOU truly want. Start now! Go!