Eating Clean?

Jan 1, 2023

 by Briana Gutierrez

Welcome to the New Year!

Once January 1st rolls around, a lot of hot-button health phrases start flying around, and which one is more infamous than the ever-present idea of “clean eating”?? 

The term “clean eating” feels like it has been around for forever, but in reality, this idea wasn’t actually coined until around 2007 when Canadian fitness model Tosca Reno published the book “The Eat-Clean Diet”.

But is this tactic the end-all, be-all for health and wellness? The short answer is no.

“Clean eating” is categorized as eating only fresh, whole food and generally eating as close to nature as possible. 

Is this a great idea? Yes! 

Is this realistic and sustainable as a hard-fast rule? Absolutely not! 

Eating in this way is directly related to access. Personal circumstances, finances, and food deserts are just a few examples of why this style of eating may be difficult and in some cases simply unattainable.

What is tricky about this diet is that it implicitly suggests that foods that do not fall into these categories are “unclean”, “dirty”, or “bad”. The simple reality is life isn’t that simple. Food does not carry morality, and there is no such thing as “naughty”  or “dirty” foods.

Instead of putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to live up to these pre-packaged ideals, try to start working towards a balanced and well-rounded relationship with food instead. 

Ask yourself what you can add to each meal to make it more nutrient dense. Can you add some extra veggies to your sandwich or have some fruit with your midday snack? Explore your options, play with new recipes and test out the seasonal produce in your area!

Life is a journey and it’s never too late to switch things up and try something new. Health looks different on everyone; find what works best for you!