“RSH is awesome! The small group classes allow you to get personalized feedback and attention without the cost of a personal trainer. Blair is knowledgeable and gets to know her clients. She knows exactly what extra little things I need to add to help correct my body’s little quirks and how to work with old injuries. There is also a small community vibe of positive people to help push you and lift you up. I’ve been an athletic person for a long time and this place has challenged me, pushed me past a plateau, and helped me get stronger in a way that other large group classes haven’t. I’m so glad I found this place.”
– Kaitlin T

“Joining Rock Solid Health has totally changed my relationship with my fitness, strength and nutrition! My only regret was that I didn’t get started at the gym sooner. I spent most of my life as an athlete, but when my days playing field hockey ended after college, I never found a workout and nutrition routine that worked for me. I got by on occasional running and yoga, but never paid much attention to what I ate. After a few years of happy wining and dining with my now-fiance, I found myself looking ahead to my wedding day and wishing that I was a few pounds lighter and much more toned.

I got started with Rock Solid Health in December 2017 in preparation for my wedding in July 2018. I take group training classes, train one-on-one with James, and do nutrition coaching with Blair. I’ve already dropped many pounds and cut my body fat percentage. While I used to eat foods that irritated my stomach, I now know much more about nutrition that works for me. I feel so much more confident, and while I have a few more weeks to get ready for my wedding, I feel like I could get into my dress tomorrow and feel so happy.

I can’t say enough great things about my experience at Rock Solid. I used to dread workouts, and now I look forward to them. I particularly love the small group classes and sense of community that exists at the gym – people root each on, hold each other accountable and push each other to be their best.
– Emily R

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