Words from our Amazing Clients

Nothing makes us happier than when our clients truly enjoy their experiences! See what a few of them had to say below.

Blair’s passion for fitness and health is really what impresses me the most. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She has genuine care for her clients which is why they come back every week to improve themselves. She has built her own little village and I plan to continue to be part of that village.


My favorite class is Kettlebell Bootcamp.  It has significantly helped me become stronger and more flexible.  It’s an awesome feeling when you can increase your kettlebell weight and Blair does an excellent job of expressing support and encouragement.

Behind almost all of my major fitness accomplishments is Blair. She has pushed me to do things that I never thought I would mentally or physically be able to do. She helps set fitness goals that you may not have even thought about doing yourself, but in the end notice that those achievements are some of your most proud moments! I personally can attribute being a yoga instructor and completing sprint and full triathlons to Blair. I think that that is what is behind a really great trainer, friend, and inspirational leader. Her motivation will get you to reach new levels in your fitness journey if you let her. I have no doubt that Rock Solid will provide this kind of health and fitness “push” for many more friends and clients to come.


On top of the workouts, Blair offers fantastic nutritional coaching to help you understand what your body needs in all ways.  In one of the 6-week nutrition programs offered, I was able to see visible differences in many places in my body.  Blair really does a great job of supporting you and helping you figure out what works best for you.

Blair is awesome; she is super patient, especially with those of us who are healthily challenged and she always mixes up the workouts so you never get bored.  I love that she keeps classes small so she can target each of us and knows us all by name.  If you are looking for a great workout and not the usual large facility where you are on your own, this is the place for you!


“You challenged me to do my best, while always keeping me positive and motivated. You showed me how to eat cleanly and I have more energy for it. Thank you for all of your support, I know you will continue to be a great trainer.”


When I started this plan and plugged my numbers into the formula Blair gave me I did not think they could be right. The calorie intake was so much higher than I was used to from other plans I doubted that this could work. I decided to give it a try and I’m  glad I did. After about the 2nd week I noticed an increase in energy level and by week 4 my body began to change both in measurement and weight.

All of my life I have loved sugar. Even when I am trying to eat “good” I tend to eat a lot of fruit. With this plan I have cut back my normal sugar intake quite a lot but it is not bothering me. Over the years it has been put in my head to avoid nuts, avocado, nut butters, larger portions of meat\fish. To meet my numbers on this plan I get to eat all of those things I used to avoid because of their fat, protein and calories. I don’t even get time to think about wanting the sugar. I get to snack on things I like so I don’t want to grab bad things plus these snacks make me feel full. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to snack. Now I feel like my snacks have purpose and aren’t just something bad I’m sneaking. I hope this continues. I don’t ever remember feeling full when I was watching what I ate before. I know I need to continue to work and make changes to this new eating lifestyle but I feel that this is manageable, something I can stick to. Good by starvation!

Janice Riggs

Rock Solid Reset 6 week Program

“I have been training with Blair for almost a year now and boy has she trained me! We started out with fitness. She schooled me in the ways of strength training (ie kettle bells, weights, trx), yoga (some days we do only yoga if I need it), and cardio ( who’s bored of just running on the tread mill? I am!). She has given me so many options in my workout routine which I love because I get bored and unmotivated.

Naturally, after all the training we got into nutrition. I felt like I was getting nice and strong, but I would still see my weight fluctuate. So we went grocery shopping! She showed me the likely culprits as to why I would get so bloated some days and couldn’t find consistency. She taught me the truth about carbs, dairy, and sugar also when and how to eat them. I have great recipes she hooked me up with that I cook every week. I even have branched out with the tools she gave to make different healthy meals for my Fiancee and I. We feel amazing!

In short, Blair has helped guide a girl who just blindly goes to the gym and eats moderately healthy, into a knowledgeable fitness lover who can cook deliciously nutritious meals!”

Crystal Thomas

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything over the past few months. In the short term, I looked great on my wedding day (and in only 6 weeks!) – and in the long term you have really helped me learn to love and accept my body. This work on myself and mindset has been priceless! ”


On top of the workouts, Blair offers fantastic nutritional coaching to help you understand what your body needs in all ways.  In one of the 6-week nutrition programs offered, I was able to see visible differences in many places in my body.  Blair really does a great job of supporting you and helping you figure out what works best for you.


Rock Solid has been a life changer.  It has totally helped to transform my attitude toward fitness and health and I’m so thankful.  This studio is a place that I look forward to coming to daily.  The many class times always seem to fit with my schedule and there is a great variety of class offerings.  The community that Blair has created here is so friendly and supportive.

“I have been training with Blair for a year now. In that year I’ve lost 43 pounds. Yeah, that’s great, but it’s so much more than that. When Blair met me I was 225, 37 years old, and resigned to being the “fat girl” for the rest of my life. Why wouldn’t I be? Since I was 16, I had done weight watchers (twice), Richard Simmons diet, nutri-system, Seattle Sutton, and general healthy eating. I had been a member of the local no-name gym, Bally’s, Flirty Girl Fitness, and owned all the Tae Bo tapes. I even did accupuncture to no avail. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I THOUGHT I was living a healthy lifestyle!

I started training with Blair and expected I would just see her once a week. And while I do only see her once a week, she has soaked into every day of my life. She does the physical exercise with me, and that includes: not only weight loss, strength training, some yoga, helping me to get in shape for my Macchu Picchu climb, and even some swimming lessons (because at 37 I STILL never learned to swim!), but adapting my workouts to improve an injured back and chronic knee problems. She taught me how to work out on my own. Prior to this my workouts were at Flirty Girl and the hardest workout I had was salsa dancing. No wonder I wasn’t losing weight.

Now I go to the gym 6 days a week (7 during the 30 day challenge that I’m about to win!) and do a variety of workouts. But then she saw that my workout wasn’t the problem, my eating habits were . So we started to have really in-depth conversation about my diet. She even took me on a grocery shopping tutorial. Remember how I said I thought I was eating healthy? Well, I wasn’t. I was smoking, heating up Lean Cuisines, eating 100 calorie packs, and on the weekends I would reward my good behavior by going out with friends for chocolate martinis, pizza, or burgers and fries, and three course meals! I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t losing the weight. Well, Blair taught me about the badness of processed foods (I really thought 100 calorie packs and weight watchers frozen meals were healthy!), she taught me when, and what things I should eat and why.

I was shocked at the changes I was making. I quit smoking, I quit eating white carbs, cut back on dairy, loaded up on fish, eggs, veggies, and beans. (although the sweet tooth is still a struggle….) I felt amazing! I still go out with friends but I’ve substituted the chocolate martinis for stoli vanilla and diet, and I eat half of the food and make healthier decisions and leave the appetizers and dessert for my friends. And I’ve joined social groups that spend their evenings going to the theatre, playing games, or doing physical activity instead of eating and drinking! And you know what? It’s not THAT hard, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out. And then she introduced the detox, and I tweeked my diet even more, and I dropped another 10 pounds. I feel full of energy and happiness! And for the first time in my life, I don’t avoid mirrors. I see one and think “wow! I look good!” I’ve never thought that in my life.

The other day my family went out for the breakfast buffet at Marshall Fields. As I sat across from my mom in my new 182 pound frame, eating only scrambled eggs and fruit (passing over my usual cheesy potatos, bacon and cream cheese stuffed French toast…) my mom said “I know your trainer isn’t cheap, but I think this is the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself, sje is the best thing that’s ever happened to you. You are finally healthy and you look amazing. I’m so proud of you” Me too. Thanks Blair, I was not able to do this without you. ”

Jill Peters

Rock Solid is a place that I make a priority in my life because of the fulfillment I get from it.  Thank you, Blair!


Working out with Blair has transformed my life in so many ways.  She sets up the weekly workouts to make sure you get the variation and challenges necessary to keep changing your body.  The best thing about the classes is that there are early morning and late evening options, and no matter when you go, you’ll get one-on-one attention from Blair.  The people at the gym are great and very supportive.

Rocksolid is my favorite place for workouts. I’ve tried quite a few in the past but none had to offer what I found here: great trainers and yoga teachers, very supportive community, vigorous and exciting workouts coupled with great music to keep you going even through the most challenging exercises. What I like most about Rocksolid is that it offers a vast variety of health and fitness services from personal training, high intensity interval training (boot camp), TRX suspension training, kettle bell workouts, to spinning and yoga classes and nutrition and health coaching. It is one-stop place for all of your health and fitness needs and every workout or coaching session is a new, fun and exciting experience. You will feel highly supported, motivated and challenged both mentally and physically. Working out with Blair and other trainers and teachers in the studio has helped me achieve all of my health and fitness goals. Not only was I able to lose much weight, but I feel a lot stronger, well-toned, more energized, and my overall feeling of self-confidence has increased tremendously. I would highly recommend you check it out and give it a try! I promise you will love it!

Lillian Savic

There aren’t enough good things I can say about Rock Solid. I’ve been coming here consistently for the past few months and this place is better than any gym I’ve ever joined. What it comes down to is Blair. She is the owner and runs the majority of the classes. She keeps you motivated and most importantly, accountable for your workouts. She is such a wonderful teacher who pushes you to reach goals you didn’t know you could. I’m so happy that I joined Rock Solid and joined this incredible group. Thanks for everything Blair!