What we do!

These are the ways we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

Group Training

Small Group Training servings more people in a fun & energetic atmosphere. Our group classes combine a mobility warm up, strength workout, and high intensity interval training to give clients the ultimate workout. Rocksolid’s mission is to get our clients strong for life so they can do anything. As a result our workouts include: Strength Training, circuit training, and high intensity interval training. In group training we focus our sessions on the major body movements: push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge, and carry. We also do conditioning classes to work on the cardiovascular system. This includes sled sprints, jump rope, rowing, battle ropes, medicine balls, agility ladders, etc.

We also provide yoga classes as a compliment to our training program to help the body recover both mentally and physically. With 18 classes a week there are plenty of classes to choose from!

Membership Rates

Your membership includes access to all classes on the schedule. ​Discounts on workshops, health coaching, & stretch sessions.

Unlimited Classes 12 month commitment $224.00/month
6 month commitment $245.00/month
3 month commitment $254.00/month
8 classes/ month 12 month commitment $164.00/month
6 month commitment $172.00/month
3 month commitment $180.00/month

Non membership Rates

5 Class Pack $125.00/mo
10 Class Pack $250.00/mo
20 Class Pack $450.00/month
2 weeks unlimited $49.00/month
1 month unlimited $299.00/month

Personal Training

For people who are recovery from injury, have specific goals, or can not make the group classes. We will set you up with a personal trainer who can meet your needs. Private sessions are $125 per session.

Rock Solid Health