Member Spotlights

I started coming to Rock Solid after finishing my second marathon in the Fall of 2016. I tend to strength train in spurts only to stop entirely when race training ramps up. I finished the marathon with a big PR, but found myself feeling weak, tight, and imbalanced.

After primarily going to gyms with large format classes in the past, I knew I wanted to find a place where I could get more individualized attention on my form and needs. Alysha and I joined at the same time as a way to hold one another accountable to our goals. Alysha and I push one another to move up to new weights and master new moves (all while having a lot of fun together!)

For the past five months, I’ve been going to kettlebells twice a week and it has made me a more confident and faster runner. My core and upper body strength help me maintain good form and lower body strength push me through a speed workout or a long run. I love that Blair incorporates stretching and mobility work at the beginning and end of every workout so I don’t feel overly tight or sore going into a run the next day. She continues to provide me with tips on stretching and overall health and maintains such a positive environment in the gym. I feel more powerful going into this training season and plan to keep strength training as part of my training plan.


A long-distance runner for almost twenty years, my lack of strength-training to complement the miles finally caught up to me. Two injuries crept up within six months, both of which may have been prevented with proper strength training.

Any runner or athlete sidelined with an injury knows how challenging it can be to rest and recover, while not wanting to lose performance or progress. After one Kettlebell Strength & Mobility class I knew it was exactly what I needed and joined Rock Solid in December 2016.

Blair understood my goals, accommodated my injury, and gave me personalized attention in every work out. She makes sure form is never sacrificed, that each workout is challenging but accessible, and that all of her clients have the level of personal attention I felt right away. Having Leah as a buddy adds an extra layer of fun and accountability; we know how to push and support each other both during workouts and runs.


I have been a member at Rocksolid since May of 2016. In May, I decided it was time to get focused and invest in myself.

Throughout most of my life I’ve been an athlete. Participating in track and cross country throughout high school and some of college, I was used to group sports and motivation from a team. Since moving to Chicago in 2008, I lost my luster for health and fitness, and spent most of my time exploring the city and allowed little time to better myself. When I did make it to the gym, I would quickly give up, hop off the treadmill, hit the locker room and head home or out with friends.

I first heard of Rock Solid through Classpass, a few friends and I checked out a class. That first class at Rock Solid kicked my butt, and I liked it! I’ve been hooked ever since. While utilizing Classpass, I quickly found myself looking forward to Tuesday nights at Rock Solid. Then, in April 2016, Blair announced a challenge that would begin in May. I stayed after class to learn more about the challenge and the gym and venting to Blair about my struggles getting back in to fitness. After the challenge, I felt the best I had felt about myself in years and decided without question to become a member of Rock Solid. I started noticing changes in my body within the first few weeks.

One year later, my love with health and fitness has been rekindled. At Rock Solid, I find the motivation I have been seeking, I am more confident, and schedule my life around my workouts. Blair has helped me realize how strong I actually am, has brought more sustainability and happiness to my life, and has constantly pushed me to get even better. Even though I reluctantly up my weight when she tells me to, I am thankful I have her motivating me and the other members at Rock Solid. Thanks, Blair!


I heard of Rock Solid through a friend.  I registered for a class, even though I was nervous because I had not worked out in a long time. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, that I decided to register for the challenge.  I was a bit hesitant at the beginning because I didn’t feel confident enough to commit to consistently work out and be able to see a difference, because I usually am very impatient and want to see results right away. Blair has taught me that this is a process, to always pay attention to the positive changes. I really enjoy working out at Rock Solid Health, because I don’t feel intimidated and I feel supported by everyone. These ladies motivate me and help me stay focused on my goals.

I have been going to Rock Solid Health for about 6 months now.  Blair always encourages me to do my best and challenges me.  She helps me feel confident that I can do it. I have been inspired by everyone there to commit to make changes in my life style.  Since going to Rock Solid Health I have definitely changed and have made exercising and healthy eating part of my routine.  I enjoy working out very much and I feel confident about what I am capable of doing.  I learned to be patient and realize that I must be committed to see results.  

Blair, thank you for challenging me and motivating me.  Thank you for being so positive, encouraging me to push my limits.


From a young age I’ve almost exclusively practiced yoga to take care of my physical fitness. I became hyper flexible and had chronic muscle and joint pain. This year I committed myself to building remedial strength so I wouldn’t be in pain and it has been incredibly rewarding. I can hold my body with so much more integrity and freedom. I am so strong now! I have a healthy sense of confidence and joy in taking care of my body. I respect myself more with my food choices and listen to my body’s feedback.

Going to Rock Solid was never a chore. The classes there are fun and challenging, just the right mix of friendly and firm. Exercise plus healthy diet/lifestyle work wonders! Without intentionally trying to lose weight I have lost almost 20lbs this year!

Rock Solid and Blair have given me such a gift. The most rewarding part is regularly pushing myself to out of my comfort zone and persevering when I want to quit. I trust my resiliency and abilities so much more because of my time at Rock Solid.


I’ve been working with Kettlebells for 8 years and you could say I absolutely love them! A year ago I was on a break from group fitness trying to work out on my own. I woke up one day in December feeling lousy, out of shape and not able to run the 5k I had planned. Additionally, my weight had crept up and other health issues started to surface.  That was my breaking point. I read about Blair on the Dragon Door website and her story really resonated with me, plus I discovered how close to home Rock Solid was located.

I really needed the nutrition support of the challenges which helped me create discipline around a healthy routine. More importantly was that third perspective of positivity or being good to myself. This is where Rock Solid has made the biggest difference in my life and helped me create a sustainable lifestyle. The community has been really supportive and our workouts are fantastic. As a coach, Blair knows what to say or not say which is really helpful with motivation.

The long road to health and fitness never ends but my journey over 10 months has been so rewarding. I remember a tipping point 5 months into my journey where too many days away from the gym felt noticeable with my energy and mood. It’s that balance of enough but not too much that creates a sweet spot in training. Now I don’t look at it as a mountain to climb, it’s just what I do and a part of who I am. I love Kettlebells and I love Rock Solid!

Georgia Fisher

Anita first walked in Rock Solid August of 2013, and I am thankful to have been working with her for the past 3 years. Over that time I have seen her progress in both her physical and mental strength. She is someone who has a strong work ethic, walks in the door motivated, and also helps others around her. It is because of this she is our June member of the month. Check out her story below:

“Since I joined Rock Solid Health, I have the pleasure of working out with a group of highly motivated individuals.  I enjoy the encouragement and feel that I can accomplish anything.  I have worked out at multiple studios but the members at Rock Solid are the friendliest.

Because of the weight loss and workout challenges, I have lost 18 lbs, am eating healthier (expect for vacation), feel energized and feel better.

Blair has provided me with her insight on nutrition and weight loss which further helped me to loss and keep my weight off; thanks so very much Blair.”

Anita Diaz

She is the client every trainer dreams of having. The one who smiles often, works hard, is self motivated, AND she helps those around her. It does not happen often but Laura fits that mold. She walked in the door an athlete, and has been proving herself ever since. Not only does she consistently show up for her workouts, but she has also competed in 2 Super Spartan Races in the past 2 years. Without further ado – check out what her gym mates have to say. . .

Not sure if you’ve done the member spotlight with her before but I truly look to Laura as an inspiration, she’s so consistent and dedicated to her workouts and its so motivating to me. I really feel that while Blair is our Coach, Laura is our Team Captain!

Laura Camacho! She’s always moving up in weight and inspires me to do the same!

Laura Camacho would be PERFECT!

Laura Camacho! She always has a great attitude and will jump in and help and advise as needed. I always feel inspired to do “more” when she is around! GO MACHO!

Laura has always been super helpful and has shown me how use different methods to make kettle bell swinging easier and more effective. She is always smiling and in a happy mood, which makes working out that much more enjoyable. 🙂

Laura Camacho

I have been a member at Rock Solid since September 2015 this was when I decided that it was time to make a change in my life and get into shape.

I have always been big on sports; I never felt the need of doing any extra workouts because soccer was my everyday exercise, and it didn’t feel like I was working out because I enjoyed it so much. Playing this sport benefited me a lot. It especially kept me in shape. I started playing soccer in elementary school, and I continued to carry my passion for it throughout college.  However, during my last year of school I lost my passion for it and I did not feel motivated to continue playing. When I stopped, I despised going to the gym, and I could not get myself to run outside. After a few months, I noticed a lot of changes within my body. I realized that I was the heaviest that I had ever been, and I always found myself to be tired. I felt like I never had energy, and I started to feel self-conscious about how I looked.  I finally felt motivated to go to the gym again. However, I started losing patience and motivation due to not getting the results that I had longed for.

I heard of Rock Solid through my aunt. She had been going to Rock Solid for about a month. In that month she looked great!! I noticed a change in her body, energy, and the amount motivation and dedication that she had. I told her how I felt, and she suggested that I try a class. While seeing my aunt’s results, I could not lose the opportunity of going to a class. Therefore, I decided to go the next day! I did the free week pass and on the second day I knew that Rock Solid was the place that I wanted to train. Everyone that I met that week looked so happy to be there, and it just made Rock Solid that much better. It brought back the atmosphere from my old soccer days.

After that week, I committed myself to try Rock Solid for three months and within those three months I fell in love with the kettle bells.  I was seeing an opportunity that made me excited about working out again. Once the three months were over, I knew that I was not interested in going anywhere else, so here I am now. I am feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident about myself.  I’m happy to say, that I am closer and closer to meeting my goals. One goal that I am extremely proud of accomplishing would be doing a pull up! I honestly do not know if I could have ever done it on my own.

I just want to say Thank you Blair, for always challenging me and motivating me.  You are an amazing trainer; you have made working out for me enjoyable again.  Your positive energy, encouragement, and guidance are why Rock Solid is a great gym.

Vickie Adan

I started training with Blair at Rock Solid 2 years ago.  A LOT has happened for me in those 2 years.

Yoga has always been part of my work/life balance regimen, adding strength training was a natural next step and the best decision I ever made. Plus, at the time, I had a wedding coming up and wanted to guarantee my dress would still fit. After the 1st kettle bell class, I was amazed at how many muscles were sore, in a good way! I quickly realized that strength training was positively affecting my everyday physical and mental health. When I was working full-time last year, Blair convinced me to try the 6am class before work and that changed everything! The adrenalin from the morning circuits and weight training carried me strongly and confidently through the work day. I was breaking records with deadlifts and feeling amazing. At some point I was laid off and had a bike crash with a small shoulder injury, but I never gave up on Rock Solid and Blair never gave up on me. I am certain that my shoulder (and mood) would have been much more severely injured if it weren’t for my strength training.

Last September, I found out about my Baby Boy on the way, and Blair was the first to know! Well, I needed to be sure that it was ok to keep training! Turns out there is A LOT of conflicting information out there in regards to fitness and pregnancy. After some agonizing research (Opinions on the internet, Go figure!), I was able to deduce only one conclusion. Do what feels right for you and the baby. If you have a solid workout foundation, it is OK to keep it up. So I continue to train with Blair, making modifications when needed, and it has been so fun to share this adventure with her and the Rock Solid community who continue to motivate me everyday.  The encouraging words and support from everyone has been truly inspiring and appreciated.  I often hear, “I can’t believe you are still working out!” Quite honestly, it is a no-brainer to me. The relief and energy boost I feel from a good workout, has aided my pregnancy in such a positive way.

Much gratitude to Blair for working hard everyday to get us all to meet our minor goals and some major milestones. Looking forward to my next chapter with Rock Solid – losing the baby weight!

Maria Farhatt