Meet Your Fitness Trainers!

At Rocksolid we take pride in creating a welcoming and fun environment to achieve your fitness and health goals. For us, this is maintained though our qualified and personable instructors. To get to know them, read below!



Blair Rockoff opened the doors to Rock Solid Health in January 2013. After several years as a personal trainer and yoga instructor in Chicago and California she ventured out on her own to create the ultimate experience & environment for her clientele to improve their health, get in shape, and have fun. Blair started out in the health and fitness world after graduating college in 2007. She stumbled into NPTI, a 6 month personal training school, because she wanted to get back in shape after college and did not want a desk job. This was the beginning of her journey. She then went out to become a certified yoga instructor, holistic health coach, SFG Level 1, FMS, NASM Youth Exercise Specialist, and a Progressive Calisthenics Instructor (to name just a few).

To put it simply, the health and fitness world fascinates Blair. One of the reasons it is so intriguing is her own personal struggles throughout her own life. After gaining weight in college, her attempts to lose weight had been influenced by the ‘do more, eat less, carbs are bad, low fat is good, sugar free, cardio is awesome, and lots of it” trend. After many years of yo yo dieting and dabbling in all the latest fitness trends, she has finally come to the conclusion, “More is not better, better is better. Eat right most of the time. Indulge in moderation. Strive for balance. Practice self – acceptance. Judge less. Every body is different and unique. Be kind & compassionate.”

This is what she wants to pass on to her clients and help them to find in their own life.



Lead Personal Trainer

James entered into the fitness industry in 2007 after realizing the importance of
health of the people around him. Growing up with an active childhood into the years that
followed, he participated in team sports such as football, basketball, baseball, track, with
the addition of Tae Kwon Do, boxing and Muay Thai, even practicing parkour, he knew
he was born to move. His career started first as a fitness coach and then a personal
trainer at Bally Total Fitness in his hometown of Tucson, AZ. He later found his niche as
a Corrective Exercise Specialist at a cutting-edge local fitness facility, working alongside
massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and an osteopathic physician.
From there, his career took off and took him to Scottsdale, AZ, where he trained at Life
Time Athletic, eventually living his dream of teaching for the National Academy of Sports
Medicine as an educator for Life Time Academy. Here, he taught students from an entry
level to grow into elite level fitness professionals. At Life Time, he gained the added
experience of becoming certified in both metabolic testing and Alpha training, which is a
brand similar to Crossfit. With this experience, his recent move to the Midwest has
allowed him to shine as a professional in all aspects.
James envisions becoming a positive influence on those who wish see a better
version of themselves, to help them lead a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately to give
people the power to overcome the fear of their own potential. He believes that
consistency is the key to success, and in order to move forward with consistency, you
must gain a clear perspective of where you are now, create a winning strategy, then
adapt to your challenges based on strategic progression of your abilities. This “assess,
map, progress, and adapt” system has been developed over a decade of experience
into a simplified training system, proven to build strength, power, and self-confidence
while removing weakness from body and character. Bottom line: Your pursuit is his


Personal Trainer

Alex has always had an eye for detail, strategic thought processes, and the desire to create experiences intended to make others happy. As a full-time graphic designer working at a digital marketing agency, Alex was creating strong pieces of work that were regularly featured on top-tier publications, but at the end of the day there was always something missing. That something was the undeniable and contagious positive energy that stems from building intangible relationships with clients. After working as a graphic designer for two years, Alex decided to take a leap and chase his passion.


Now a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Alex is able to take full advantage of his passion to create a positive impact for others. His mission is to remove self-doubt from your vocabulary, helping you to overcome anxieties holding you back from taking that next step toward your goals. Alex envisions you as an athlete no matter your skill level, and as a result believes that you should be treated with the same elite service, attention to detail, and support. With a process of detailed assessment, strategic planning and progressions, Alex only has one thing on his mind: your success towards building a healthier, stronger, and more powerful you.



Fitness Nutrition Specialist & Yoga Instructor

Taylor Rockoff is a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Yoga Instructor, and overall advocate for health & wellness. She has completed two sprint triathlons, one olympic triathlon, and loves to take her workouts outdoors.

Taylor has been involved with many health and wellness programs over the years. She started teaching yoga in 2010 for children, adults, students, athletes, and corporate clients and continues to teach in the DC area. Taylor has been involved with Rock Solid Health since its inception in the summer of 2012.

She began running fitness programs using the name Rock Solid Health on the beaches of Chicago alongside her sister Blair Rockoff, a health coach, fitness expert, personal trainer, and Rock Solid’s CEO. With Rock Solid Health now running permanently out of a location in Chicago, Taylor brings her passion for health and wellness to the DC area. She wants to help others achieve their fitness and health goals to feel better, happier, and more confident in their everyday lives.



Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

“Joy’s soul is in the doing.” This Shakespeare quote serves as the foundation for Steph’s yoga practice and teaching. She discovered the joys of yoga as a means to heal personal trauma and depression. The practice brought her to life and before long, she completed her 200 hour training with Debbie Williamson of Wild Abundant Life. Since then, she’s pursued training in restorative yoga and Qi Gong energy work. She is also a holistic health coach and Reiki Master. Steph creates a playful, organic, and expressive practice for students to connect to self and personal power. You can also find her teaching yoga and meditation at OhmCulture in the West Loop. When she’s not making magic on the mat, Steph is in rehearsals for her next theater production, doing mad science in the kitchen or playing on her ukulele. 



Yoga Instructor

Kari Parker first came to yoga in the early 90’s through a VHS tape where the teacher was wearing a tight, unflattering onesie. Although the onesie was not the origins of yoga inspiration, Kari knew the movement and poses felt good. For nearly 20 years, yoga was used primarily as a recovery workout while training for numerous athletic endeavors; however, in 2011, life did as life does and took a gigantic u-turn downhill.

Yoga became a life saver, attending classes daily (typically crying through class), immediately feeling infinitely better afterwards, but more importantly, realizing the positive impact happening beyond the mat. As a teacher, Kari’s goal is to empower each student to find their inner and outer strength in a safe and fun flow while not taking ourselves too seriously. With a specialty in Core Strength Vinyasa, Kari’s classes are described as creative, challenging and fun with sprinkles of relatable spirit and some of the best adjustments ever received.

Additionally, as a lifelong athlete who is open about lifelong body image struggles, Kari can relate to students of all sizes, ages, and experience. Kari first became a certified yoga teacher in 2015 through Yeah Yoga ( When not teaching yoga, Kari can be found taking a Pilates class, biking all around the city, or sitting on her couch with her husband and 2 dogs.


Instagram: @kpnamaslayer