Water is vital to life itself; it makes up 60% of the human body by weight. Drinking enough water improves liver function which increases the % of fat used for energy (win for workouts!), metabolic functions improve, body temperature stays regulated, and nutrients are distributed through the body. When we don’t drink enough water (especially before/during/after workouts) you may experience some the following:
-decreased performance
-increased heart rate
-decreased use of muscle glycogen
-increased core temperature
So how much should you be drinking? Welp, here are a few general guidelines…
  1. Consume 14-22 oz (1.75-2.75 cups) 2 hours before exercise
  2. Drink 6-12 oz of fluid for every 15-20 minutes of exercise
  3. It’s fine to drink it cold because of more rapid gastric emptying
  4. Drink 16-24 oz after exercise
  5. It’s generally a good idea to supplement with BCAAs, creatine, and other electrolytes for 60 minutes or more of exercise because we want to replace sweat+urine losses as well as keep organ function/muscles/circulation at its best.
In other words, DRINK MORE THAN YOU ALREADY ARE! Bring a water bottle with you to the gym and let’s be real, pretty much everywhere you go! HYDRATE AND SMASH YOUR GOALS!
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